Our Services

Banking services


We work with several financial institutions for more efficient management and processing of the banking transactions that our clients require. Advice and technical support in the preparation of documentation under the recommendation of the various collaborating financial entities.

We offer the client the administrative realization, by our service, of document with the property register, contact with the Town Hall to obtain information on the situation of the property, as well as on future construction projects that affect the property. We contact the administrator of the property, in order to know the status of current payments and / or future projects of the community and / or neighbours, etc.

We work with trusted notaries to materialise the contractual commitments between our clients.




Contact and negotiation with the main real estate developers as well as individuals to offer our clients new, off-plan or second-hand properties. We have in our database the products necessary to adapt to the requirements of each client:

- New and second-hand apartments: Duplexes, Penthouses, Apartments, Studios, Lofts,….

- Individual chalet

- Townhouse

- Local

- Offices

- warehouse

- Garages and storage rooms



Technical support, description and location of the properties in detail, both by Google Maps, Street View, current photographs of the interior, making videos of the property and its surroundings.

Analysis and detailed description of the increasing values ​​and advantages of the geographical location of the property: nearby parks, sports areas, commercial areas, means of transport, nurseries and schools, future construction projects, etc.



Special services


We are aware that the development of the real estate sector has undergone many changes due to the crisis of the country's financial sector and the labour market. We believe, however, that the capacity of the building complex, to develop efficient techniques and greater social content, will help lay the foundations for a promising future recovery of the viability of sustainable housing and regeneration in the emerging market, rental accommodation available to citizens.

In recent times we have adapted the particular needs that each client requires and which often are not suited by the real estate industry, such as when the client is not always willing to visit the properties during office hours and outside the holiday seasons. For these and other factors, we offer a full service of collaborators under professional contract in the Canary Islands to cover all the requirements that our clients have.




- We offer the possibility to visit the properties outside opening hours and even on public holidays.  In case of non-possession of the keys, this option will be possible, as long as the owner or the tenant is in the house, requiring their approval.



- Law firm specialised in everything related to real estate.



- Notary working with our agency.



- Banks, building societies, savings banks and financial guarantees and market solvency.



- Different insurance companies.



- Companies dedicated exclusively to cleaning on a professional level with the different options requested by the owners.



- We have agreements with companies dedicated to this service with professional and discreet staff in cleaning services.



- We offer architectural and surveyor firm services.



- We have available the main decorators in the region at your service.



- At Luxury World Properties, S.L.U. We offer comprehensive management to bring about the change that best matches the characteristics of each home and to meet all customer needs, from the most traditional to the most innovative. We carry out all kinds of renovations, whether total or partial; with a team of professionals specialised in various fields.



- We also work with companies specialising in removals at international, national and local levels.



- We have offers with different hotels for short stays for our clients who travel to buy a property.