Our Services

Integrated Financial Services: Advisory, Management, and Partnerships

  • Collaboration with Financial Institutions: We collaborate with several renowned financial institutions to offer you a more efficient and effective banking management.
  • Specialized Advice: Our expert team provides you with specialized advice and technical support in preparing all the necessary documentation for your banking operations.
  • Facilitation of Procedures: We take care of all administrative processing, from obtaining simple notes in the registry to contacting local councils to obtain relevant information about the status of the property and future building projects.
  • Proactive Follow-up: We maintain constant communication with property managers to ensure that you are aware of current payment statuses and any potential community projects that may affect you.
  • Alliance with Trusted Notaries: We work closely with trusted notaries to ensure swift and secure formalization of contractual commitments among our clients.


  • Direct Contact with Real Estate Developers: We establish strong relationships with leading real estate developers and individuals to offer you a wide selection of properties.
  • Variety of Real Estate Products: We have a diverse portfolio of properties, ranging from new and second-hand apartments to villas, commercial premises, and businesses for sale.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support: We provide detailed descriptions and precise locations of properties, using advanced technology such as Google Maps, Street View, and current interior and exterior photographs.
  • In-depth Value Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of rising values and the advantages of the geographical location of each property to assist you in making informed decisions.

Special Services

  • Adaptation to Your Needs: Aware of changes in the real estate sector, we offer services tailored to your specific needs.
  • Personalized Attention: We understand that you are unique, so we offer personalized and professional service, including special visits outside of business hours and on holidays if necessary.
  • Network of Professional Collaborators: We have an extensive network of professional collaborators in the Canary Islands, covering all the requirements you demand, from legal and notarial services to cleaning companies, home assistance, architects, and decorators.

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